Volunteer at New Mexico Wildlife Center

As a non-profit organization, New Mexico Wildlife Center relies on volunteers to assist us in supporting our mission to conserve and restore native wildlife and their habitats through action-oriented education, promotion of public awareness, strategic partnerships and responsible wildlife rehabilitation. Over 75 volunteers contribute more than 6,000 hours a year to the care, health and well being of New Mexico’s wildlife at NMWC. Would you or your organization like to share your interest and enthusiasm for wildlife? Volunteer with us!

Volunteer opportunities include cleaning mews and enclosures, feeding the education animals, special projects, transporting, web site maintenance, weekend docent, grounds and facilities projects, office assistance, educators/educator handlers, and fundraising and public outreach events. There are volunteers at work at NMWC every day, with many volunteers working a half day per week. Each volunteer chooses from a number of ways to donate their time.

While volunteers at New Mexico Wildlife Center are limited by law to be 18 years of age and older, there are many family-oriented, seasonal projects that you and your child could participate in helping New Mexico’s wildlife. A grasshopper round-up, towel and blanket drive, receiving and delivering produce donations, landscaping projects, fundraising for wildlife care and release, and gathering in-season fruits and berries are but a few of the great ways families and young individuals can help support New Mexico Wildlife Center.

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