Found an Animal?

If you find an animal that you believe needs help, please select one of the categories to the left. If you cannot find the answer you need, please call New Mexico Wildlife Center for further instructions 505-753-9505.

Is It an Orphan? Wild Animals Rarely Abandon Their Young

Every year, hundreds of baby wild animals are “rescued” that don’t need to be. In most cases, well-meaning people try to help because they believe the animal has been abandoned by its parents. All wild animals have strong parental instincts and will often risk their own lives in defense of their young. It is extremely rare for a wild animal to abandon its young. Some mammals, such as rabbits and deer, keep a distance from their young to avoid drawing attention to their location. It is important to remember that humans are not acceptable substitute parents. When raised by humans, wild animals do not learn critical survival skills or develop the necessary wariness of humans. Let wildlife
raise wildlife!

Do Not Try to Save One Wild Animal from Another

Respect nature and do not try to interfere in natural predator/prey interactions. Hawks eat rabbits, snakes eat mice, and raccoons eat baby birds. These relationships are necessary for a balanced ecosystem.

Never Put Human Safety at Risk

Wild animals will defend themselves when approached, regardless of your
good intentions.

Live Outside of Northern New Mexico?

  • For Albuquerque Call Wildlife Rescue, Inc. 505-344-2500 or visit

For Outside of New Mexico

Each of the following organizations has a list of licensed wildlife
rehabilitators by state:

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