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Since 1986, New Mexico Wildlife Center has inspired wildlife stewardship in New Mexico. As the only wildlife hospital serving the state of New Mexico, we see hundreds of injured, orphaned, electrocuted, poisoned, and human imprinted wild animals in any given year. A number of these animals—mammals, raptors and reptiles—are non-releasable due to the severity of their injuries and the complexity of their recovery. With the increase in the number of injured animals that we see each year, our goal is to raise public awareness about the value of wildlife and the conservation of safe habitats. Since 1986, NMWC’s education animal ambassadors and educator handlers have presented engaging and compelling education programs in New Mexico, typically reaching 5,000 adults and children annually.

Our education programs are designed to engage, inform, and foster excitement in K-12 school age children, community and service organizations, senior citizens, special needs groups, and the general public. Programs provide information on habitats, adaptation, conservation and biology, utilizing raptors on the fist and other animals on site. An education program at New Mexico Wildlife Center includes a program utilizing at least three raptors, a tour of the 30+ resident animals and games and activities that enforce the information the children have learned. Whether on-site or at your location, learning about wild animals such as eagles, hawks, falcons, and owls will emphasize important scientific themes as well as foster a conservation ethic among participants.

New Mexico Wildlife Center will make recommendations on the best program for you and your group based on your interests. All NMWC programs are adapted to be age appropriate and grade specific, and were developed in coordination with the New Mexico Science Standards of Learning.

Please see our Program Cost Schedule. If you are interested in scheduling a program, please complete the Online Request Form or call New Mexico Wildlife Center at 505-753-9505.

New Mexico Wildlife Center education program is expanding. In addition to our programs using our ambassador animals, beginning in summer of 2014, we will offer summer science day camps, a series of three day Explore Your Watershed programs, and community science nights, as well as opportunities for New Mexicans to get involved in citizen science projects. Our River Classroom program is connecting local students with the Chama River ecosystem (see River Classroom page for details on this program). The goals of these programs are to engage adults and children in experiencing and learning about New Mexico environments and to help them understand the planet as a dynamic and connected system. For more information on these programs, please email our Director of Science and Education,

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